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Transgender Trope #5-If You’re Not Trans You Have No Right To Talk About Gender

April 19, 2011

Gender  (Sex Roles)  impact everyone, so everyone has a right to discuss, analyze, speculate, de-construct and talk about gender in any way they want. People have a right to object to gender. They have a right to laugh at gender. And a right to discuss and comment on the gender actions of others. They are under no obligation to subscribe to the notion that sex roles are innate, and they are under no obligation to pretend that sex roles are anything but a system of behaviors and traditions designed to enslave and subjugate females.

Christian Conservatives, Muslim Fundamentalists, Orthodox Jews, and Transsexuals believe that gender is innate and not socially created. Gender Atheists and Agnostics are under no obligation to agree with this conservative view, and they are not required to affirm the existence of gender as a static reality any more than they are required to affirm the existence of dudes in beards ruling the earth from the clouds. They DO have a right to discuss such beliefs however, especially those beliefs that shape the human culture in which they live.

This trope is a classic of In Group/ Out Group behavior used to protect cultic beliefs from analysis. It is used both as a silencing technique towards the Out Group and a thought-stopper for the In Group.


“If you haven’t accepted Jesus into your heart you simply can’t understand”

“Only Trans can understand”

“If you draw a picture of Mohammed we will kill you”


The user of this trope is a special snowflake incomprehensible by mere mortals like you.


Transgender Trope #4- Denying Gender “Identity” Denies Our Very Existence.

April 12, 2011

Variation: Not affirming my internal “gender identity” is a denial of my humanity.

Please show where anyone claims transsexuality is not a human phenomenon. It is a distinctly human phenomenon. Part of your disorder makes it feel like anyone who won’t play along with your gender fantasies is literally destroying you. But no one is. Only YOU feel “less than human” when your fictional persona is not affirmed. No one else is doing that to you. It’s part of your disorder. No one denies that transgenderist people are people. Complex, human people.

Transgenderism demands validation from others to “exist”. So trans often claim that denial of sexed gender roles (everything women have been fighting against for thousands of years) or disbelief in a  hardwired sense of “internal gender identity” is a denial of their very existence. Much of this is manipulation- a feigned victimhood used to demand obedience to the practice and ideology of  gender against those who protest against it -on the grounds that gender is a system of dominance and submission created to make those born with impregnable female bodies subordinant to those born unable to reproduce, but capable of impregnation. This claim that mental disobedience to gender ideology causes actual injury is both political manipulation by male supremacist genderists and also a reflection of the fragility of the genderist belief system – particularly the trans-genderist whose disbelief in reproductive biology is tenuous and fleeting at best.

A female human who injects herself with synthetic hormones to make her superficial appearance seem “male” is still a human, even if we acknowledge her true sex. A male who does the same or purchases plastic surgical body modifications to appear superficially female is still human when we acknowledge the fact of his physical sex.


Sex-role = Humanity

My gender identity exists only if you affirm it.

Disbelief in gender “identity” is genocidal (ie. You’re killing me by not doing what I tell you tooooo!)

Transgender Trope #3-Transgenders Subvert Gender Roles

April 12, 2011

This is a popular trope. Transgenders say they subvert gender by performing gender roles opposite to those prescribed to their physical sex. But they do so in the context of changing the social perception of their biology to conform to the role they wish to perform.  Trans Males who perform femininity alter their body and dress to appear female. Trans Females who perform masculinity disguise themselves as biological males. They do this in support of their belief that gendered behaviors are biologically inherent according to sex. They do this to conform to conservative ideas that biological sex determines stereotypical gendered behaviors. Conformity is the opposite of transgression. True gender subversion is the feminist belief that the traits we classify as masculinity and femininity are actually not inherently connected to physical sex. This is the opposite of the transgender philosophy which is one of gender essentialism. People do not subvert gender by performing minstrelism of sexist stereotypes. Transgenders defend their minstrelism by claiming the sexist stereotypes they adhere to are true. The height of sexism, woman-hatred and gender role essentialism.


We prove that sex-roles are not biologically based because our biology is wrong and sex-roles are innate.

Anyone who dislikes sex-roles should get doctors and government to change their sex – problem solved!

Physical sex (impregnability, rape) has nothing to do with sex-based oppression.

Transgender Trope #2- Biology Isn’t Destiny

April 12, 2011

This phrase refers to the nature vs. nurture argument about the origins of human behaviors and characteristics. “Biology isn’t destiny” means that potential human behaviors and traits aren’t pre-programmed and unchangable due to one’s biological chromosomal incarnation. This means that socialization and free will (choice) have an impact on biological realities. For example, a diabetic need not exhibit symptoms of hyperglycemia if they carefully monitor their blood glucose. Another example, while a female is biologically able to gestate offspring, she may choose to avoid doing so.

When trans use this trope what they mean is that  even though someone is male he can disguise himself with hormones and plastic surgery to appear female. Or that a woman with small breasts can have bags of silicone inserted surgically between the subderma and the muscles of her chest to give the appearance of having larger breasts. Or that a man can have himself tattooed all over with what appear to be lizard scales. Trans mean that natural biology can be modified with chemicals and surgery and other means. But this is only partially true. For example the diabetic still has diabetes. The trans can’t actually change sex. The female is still impregnable. And the man is not really a lizard.

Transgenderism is based on the idea that gender traits, characteristics, emotions and behaviors ARE inherently tied to one’s biological sex (Biology IS destiny), and they seek to reconcile their own diversity from gender norms by altering their biology to match the traits they view as incongruent with their physical sex. This is actually a REVERSAL of the idea that biology isn’t destiny. What they are saying is that gender IS biologically determined. And if they fail to conform to sex based gender norms they must alter their biology as much as possible to at least conform cosmetically to their gender essentialist beliefs. This is opposite to the idea of transgressing biological imperative (nature) with socialization and free will (nurture).

This trope is an appropriation and re-framing of a feminist belief (“gender” is a set of behaviors coercively inflicted upon and wrongly attributed to the biologically based female class) into its reverse (gender occurs naturally according to sex, so sex must be altered biologically with chemical/surgical body modification so some form of gender homeostasis can be achieved.)

This trope is classified as a thought terminating cliche’ used by transgenderists. It is used to end thought and conversation.  “These clichés are by nature highly reductive, definitive-sounding, easily memorized, and easily expressed. They are also totally empty in that there is no relationship between the words, their meanings, and the topic or person at hand.”

Classification: Reversal, Re-framing, Appropriation, Thought Terminating Cliche

Transgender Trope #1- You should educate yourself on the subject

April 12, 2011

This trope states that trans questioners or critics must simply be uninformed. The most dismissive and base of engagement avoidance tactics and a favorite of trans. “If you disagree with me you must not know what you are talking about”. The truth is feminist critics of transsexuality tend to be highly informed on matters of gender including those of the trans variety.

Among the general public this works well as a shaming conversation stopper. The general public is very uninformed about transgenderism and wants to be supportive of what they erroneously perceive as an offshoot of gays and lesbians. So trans can easily silence/shame their questions by implying ignorance, or throwing up a bunch of cut-and paste scientific sounding links. Sends the general public into withdraw from the discussion which is “over their head”. Works remarkably well to make the general public feel stupid and to ignore all their instincts. Doesn’t work on radfems though. Radfems not only disregard the demands of males to comply to their assigned reading but they’ve probably already read it and heard the same failed arguments a thousand times. When radfems respond with knowledge far beyond that of the trope user, it usually sends the genderist reeling towards another handy trope.


“You should read up on it”

“Read the following ten academic studies, parse them, and respond to them in detail to me”

“You say you read it but if you draw different conclusions you must not have actually read it”


It’s too complicated for you to understand (you’re stupid)

Classification: Conversation Ender, Insult, Patronization, Obedience Demand, Deflection