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Transgender Trope #7- Society has no influence over my gender identity

April 19, 2011

This trope is dragged out in response to critical analysis of social sex roles by folks who believe in “Female Brains” and “Male Brains”: that sex-roles are innate, biological, and unchangeable. Transgenders claim to transcend or cross gender, but what their philosophy reveals is that they actually feel that gender is fundamental and not changeable. They claim their unchangeable innate “gender identity”, which is based on sex but in their case is a mistake of nature, requires sterilization, lifetime medical dependence on synthetic hormones (and medical monitoring) and radical extensive plastic surgery to promote congruence between sex and gender, which is the desired – necessary even, for sustenance of life – state of being. Those who believe in the biologic inherence of sex roles (gender) assert that sex roles are not social roles, and are not culturally created. These genderists believe that society has no influence over them. This trope is a thought terminating cliche. Obviously sex roles are culturally created, not biologically essentialist. Sex role conditioning is started on fetuses in the womb, as parents subject the mother to tests to determine fetal sex while still in utero. “Is it a girl or a boy?” is the most frequent refrain when a child is concieved because the answer determines the treatment the child receives. People treat females and males differently from infancy, even in utero when the sex is known. This is not under debate. The overwhelming influence of social conditioning is not under debate in any realm of psychology, psychiatry, sociology, anthropology, or any objective study of human behavior. Only trans claim to exist in a magical land free from social conditioning. Trans claim all females and males besides themselves are subject to social influence. Trans are somehow magically exempt. This trope is usually whipped out when sex-roles are discussed in relation to transgender. It is usually used to support their biologically essentialist claims that sex-roles are innate, and that the male-supremacist sex role stereotypes that feminists dispute are biologically innate, fixed, and unlike other neurology is unchangeable.. This trope is used by people who hypocritically insist on socially gendered pronouns, adopt new names which are gendered, and adopt behavior and dress which is gendered. If  society has no influence over gender than those seeking to transgender would have no need for social affirmation (name changes, change of legal sex marker, gendered behavior and appearance, medical body modification- hormones and surgery, pronouns, etc). If society has no influence over gender than genderists would seek no social affirmation of their adopted sex-role. Most male transgenders have FFS (facial feminization surgery) before they have SRS (sex reassignment surgery) because social perception and “affirmation” of their “gender” is prioritized over the body sex dysphoria that transgenders who use this trope claim is the essence of their “medical disability”.  Why would social affirmation supercede sexed body modification if the body is the problem? How do trans avoid the sex-roles the rest of us are all subjected to? How do they achieve this objectivity, and why do they prioritize surgeries which promote social perception of sex and social sex-role affirmation over surgical correction of what they claim is a physical, personal sex deformity with no social aspect? Hmm. Because it’s a total lie.

This trope is a thought stopper, conversation stopper, and a form of magical thinking, and let’s just say it: a lie.

Usually when questioned a genderist will switch over to the intersex trope “Some Women Have Penises and Some Men have Vaginas”.

See: “It’s about body dysphoria, not sex role”

Subtext: “I am an island. I am unaffected by the human condition unlike every other human. In fact I only speak my own language that no one else can understand: ST HBbHjh jhsbu7hs cks cbsksc csjksjkhkhj c kckh skdcsdos;dskjiquyfyf ejk he vouevoev  cjkdckjc.”

“I am special magic. I control the universe. Obey me.”


“Scientifically invisible “Brain Sex Roles” are biologically innate and unchangeable yet the proven biological reality of reproductive sex doesn’t exist. And even though reproductive sex doesn’t exist, “Brain Sex Roles” force one to be driven to modify one’s body to simulate the (non-existent) sex that is inherently attached to the invisible sexual reproductive function of the brain.”

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  1. parallel permalink
    June 21, 2011 8:12 am

    “Scientifically invisible “Brain Sex Roles” are biologically innate and unchangeable yet the proven biological reality of reproductive sex doesn’t exist. And even though reproductive sex doesn’t exist, “Brain Sex Roles” force one to be driven to modify one’s body to simulate the (non-existent) sex that is inherently attached to the invisible sexual reproductive function of the brain.”

    This just about sums it up. And I am still mind-boggled by the way that so many otherwise reasonable “feminists” will shut off their thought processes and swallow this crap. They avoid the accusation of “transphobia”, but are really losing touch with reality.

    • yerb permalink
      October 18, 2011 1:41 pm

      Here, here, parallel! So true. That last paragraph from Gallus is a terrific example of the convoluted thinking used to rationalize transgender beliefs.

    • Nina permalink
      September 29, 2016 4:08 pm

      The feminists who mindlessly support “gender theory” are well-meaning, they’re not stupid. They’re also falling prey to their own gendered upbringing, lol. Women are raised to be nurturing and universally inclusive and to put the needs of other people before themselves. And now we’re seeing that the mainstream of a political movement largely created and run by women, for the purpose of advancing women, is overrun with ideas that we must be nurturing and universally inclusive and put the needs of all others before the needs of women. Sur-prize.

      The concept of intersectionality was supposed to be about analyzing how misogyny uniquely affects, for example, black women when it combines with racism. Instead it now means that feminism needs to be equally about fixing racism (even for men) as it is about fixing sexism. And, fixing racism is great, but there is already a movement for that! Do you think black men in anti-racism movements are beating themselves up for not centering sexism in their battle against racism? I lol’d at the thought. And they shouldn’t! They’re right not to! Let the feminist movement focus on women (including the actual intersections of sexism/racism) and the anti-racism movement focus on racism (including the actual intersections of sexism/racism). Is that so hard?

      Anyway, it’s pretty simple to see how trans comes into this. MTFs present themselves as women to feminists, just another set of sisters with their own set of intersectional problems. They are accepted into feminist communities *by default* and women who are skeptical of these claims push down their own feelings to put the MTFs’ feelings first so they can be adequately welcoming and nurturing. And those that don’t are booed out of feminists for being inadequately self-effacing.

      There are a lot of MTFs who feel comfortable with saying that real feminism is only one that centers MTFs. This is because 1. the MTFs are not raised to put others before themselves, so feel comfortable making demands like that to start with and 2. the “cis feminists” are, and so largely don’t correct them. Even if MTFs were “real women”, it would make no sense to redefine feminism as something that only advances 0.3% of women, but “cis feminists” are raised to give and MTFs are raised to take, so here we are.

  2. RoseVerbena permalink
    January 24, 2012 12:20 pm

    You nailed it. This invisible, unfathomable, imaginary part of their “gendered” brain is real, but biological, reproductive sex is not real.

    Lipstick, mascara, high heels and “always loving dolls” is real.

    Menstruation, ovaries, uterus, vagina, child-birth and lactation are not real.

    How do people fall for this crap? It’s beyond me.

  3. ned permalink
    May 20, 2012 11:06 pm

    “Scientifically invisible “Brain Sex Roles” are biologically innate and unchangeable yet the proven biological reality of reproductive sex doesn’t exist. And even though reproductive sex doesn’t exist, “Brain Sex Roles” force one to be driven to modify one’s body to simulate the (non-existent) sex that is inherently attached to the invisible sexual reproductive function of the brain.”

    Nailed it.

    Have you read Rebecca Jordan-Young’s “Brain Storm: The Flaws in the Science of Sex Differences”? She exposes how totally incoherent “brain sex” theory is, and discusses a number of cases, including the infamous John/Joan case as well as various intersex conditions.

  4. ned permalink
    May 20, 2012 11:08 pm

    Plus, you’ve probably already seen this but I’ll drop this link here for other readers:

  5. Eve permalink
    July 31, 2012 1:43 am

    I don’t think the comment about FFS is accurate.

    The rest of it is especially valid,
    But Most trans males are too poor for both surgeries, and don’t ever end up having FFS done. At least, from the trans message boards and from observation of other trans male individuals. Porn will tell you otherwise, but it’s not a good indicator.

    and from my experience as a trans male, vaginaplasty is for comfort and better (less messy) sex.

  6. Katie M permalink
    September 23, 2012 11:02 pm

    I do not agree with your argument that human brains are not sex-typed. You might be inconvenienced or annoyed by the fact that male/female hormones and genetics influence the brain, but to deny it is also a form of “magical thinking”.The research I’ve read and the experiences I’ve had with my transgender child prevent me from believing any different.

    I’ve noticed that most of your writing paints a very simplistic, black and white picture. In this post, it’s either “sex-typed brains explain all gender-specific behavior” or “social role conditioning explains all gender-specific behavior”. It’s all or nothing. In reality, nature working in tandem with nurture is actually the most plausible explanation for all human behavior. And do sex hormones, which have an effect on every single aspect of our bodies, magically skip over the brain? I believe that social conditioning plays a huge role in male/female performance, and when you compare outcomes between males and females, it almost always looks like two barely distinct normal curves. Performance and anatomy are two different things, and in my opinion as a mental health professional, there is something going on in the brain that guides us in some of our reproductive behavior.

    My son is only 8, and our family believes in different gender roles for men and women. I actually enjoy being a mother, wearing makeup, and looking and feeling feminine. My husband enjoys doing guy stuff. Why then, has my son completely rejected his body and his role at such a young age? We’ve offered male socialization. Why does he reject it? What convinces a 3 year old boy, against all of our wishes, that he is really a girl?

    Explain that to me.

    • September 26, 2012 2:10 am

      “…our family believes in different gender roles for men and women..”

      There is your explanation.

      I posted your query here:

    • October 2, 2012 4:49 am

      “And do sex hormones, which have an effect on every single aspect of our bodies, magically skip over the brain?”

      No – hormones have an effect on mood, behavior, emotions – all very easily demonstrated. Some of those may even have effects that would strengthen or oppose impulses towards behavior that is socially associated with a specific sex.

      Looking at the mormon stereotype, suppose we have someone who wants a husband, to raise a family with him, enjoys cooking and being an organizer, with strong nurturing instincts. There are plenty of gay men that fit that list rather well. If one accepts (or presents) a world in which there are only Men and Women, “Head of Household” and “Homemaker”, it’s easy to see how a child rejecting the “Male” pattern might come to the conclusion “well, I’m female, then”. This kind of thing can be especially strong when there is an extremely strong bond with the mother, and/or negative/no association with the father.

      A lot of people who identify as trans went there because they weren’t shown any other options. Transition carries such a high cost – don’t you owe it to your son to see if it’s necessary? Why not find him someplace safe, people and a place that let him be himself? Take the concept of gender, and roles away, and see who he wants to be?

  7. jdmarsh89 permalink
    June 30, 2014 11:09 pm

    What freaks me out is that gender nonconforming children now believe they are freaks of nature or in the “wrong” body because they like things typically associated with the other sex. According to this logic, one needs to identify with all the stereotypes and gendered rituals associated with being female in order to be considered a woman. By this standard, very few women, particularly feminists, would be defined as “real” women. It’s not froufrou BS, lipstick, pantyhose and submission displays that make women “real”; It’s being born into and located in this society as an adult human female in the established gender hierarchy.

  8. Kelli Linnes permalink
    April 23, 2015 11:28 pm

    I think that transgenders prioritize their surgeries based on appearance because society makes it difficult for anyone appearing different than they expect. If a MtF transgender person goes and gets a neo-vagina, 99.99% of people on the street never see that. What they would see is a man in a dress walking down the street. That’ll turn some heads.
    It’s called cognitive dissonance. People will distrust what their brains can’t process. Two conflicting images will do that. Lady with a beard? I can tell you from my personal experience that a MtF person most of the time just wants to blend in. To have a disconnect between your face and your dress draws attention. I focused on electrolysis first, then I will pursue FFS, hormones, I have not considered bottom surgery yet as I feel this is the least important. At least for me personally. I know I am not a female and never will be. I am XY. But I can do a lot to appear female and that will make my life easier if I want to live as a woman. Where do I get the idea that I could be a woman? who knows. its all a construct of society anyway. What is feminine today is not what feminine was 500 years ago. So I know I will not be XX, but I can certainly appear and act like a woman as best as my abilities.

  9. Kelli permalink
    April 26, 2015 12:44 pm

    After reading many of the concepts here presented by radical feminists, I just noticed something that will probably draw the ire of them: “I can certainly appear and act like a woman as best as my abilities”

    I am starting to understand that this statement buys into the gender tropes. By saying this statement I embrace the gender roles assigned to females while feminists rail against them. Appearing female is the male definition of what a female is supposed to look and act like.

    I don’t agree with everything that is posted here and I find the anger and hostility towards transgenders off putting. But, I am doing the best I can to put that aside and find the truth. I want to understand not only your motivations but mine as well.

    I believe the worst kind of deception is self deception. I am trying desperately to avoid this.

    • April 26, 2015 1:21 pm

      I don’t dislike transgender people. At all. Transgender people are gender discontents, as am I. They are my sisters and brothers. Transgender people who learn the truth about gender, and who care about women and girls, will join with feminists and together we will usher in a revolution, freeing women and girls from the cultural practice of performing ritualized female subordination to males (gender).

      But some transgender people are, and always will be, male supremacists. Those people I do not like. Not because they are transgender, but because they are male supremacists.

    • Nina permalink
      September 29, 2016 4:19 pm

      Thank you for this response, Kelli. I think nearly all of the anger you will see towards transgenderism is not about any individuals, but the frustration towards what this mindset is doing towards our views of “what a woman is” and how that hurts women, and sadness at this epidemic of putting healthy people under the knife because they are GNC. The things that are happening in our society as a result of the “gender identity” theories are truly horrifying, but when we try to speak to outside groups about it, we are usually censored, drowned out, harassed or threatened. Being faced with a lot of injustice and not many ways to work towards resolving it, will tend to piss off most people.

      “If you aren’t angry, you aren’t paying attention.”


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