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Transgender Trope #5-If You’re Not Trans You Have No Right To Talk About Gender

April 19, 2011

Gender  (Sex Roles)  impact everyone, so everyone has a right to discuss, analyze, speculate, de-construct and talk about gender in any way they want. People have a right to object to gender. They have a right to laugh at gender. And a right to discuss and comment on the gender actions of others. They are under no obligation to subscribe to the notion that sex roles are innate, and they are under no obligation to pretend that sex roles are anything but a system of behaviors and traditions designed to enslave and subjugate females.

Christian Conservatives, Muslim Fundamentalists, Orthodox Jews, and Transsexuals believe that gender is innate and not socially created. Gender Atheists and Agnostics are under no obligation to agree with this conservative view, and they are not required to affirm the existence of gender as a static reality any more than they are required to affirm the existence of dudes in beards ruling the earth from the clouds. They DO have a right to discuss such beliefs however, especially those beliefs that shape the human culture in which they live.

This trope is a classic of In Group/ Out Group behavior used to protect cultic beliefs from analysis. It is used both as a silencing technique towards the Out Group and a thought-stopper for the In Group.


“If you haven’t accepted Jesus into your heart you simply can’t understand”

“Only Trans can understand”

“If you draw a picture of Mohammed we will kill you”


The user of this trope is a special snowflake incomprehensible by mere mortals like you.

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  1. The Masked Lily permalink
    September 13, 2011 12:04 am

    Exactly! It’s just another form of radical conservatism. No wonder Iran has the highest trans population.

  2. Mark permalink
    August 17, 2012 8:25 pm

    Last fucking time I checked this was America freedom of speech and everything else you have no right threatening someone just cause the don’t agree or support you transgenders wannabes if you want to be alone go to Iran other wise get the fuck out of the USA

  3. Bilbo permalink
    August 24, 2012 10:47 pm

    It’s been amusing to watch this being turned on its head by a group of people- some of whom seem genuine and some of whom seem like trolls- who consider themselves transabled, transethnic, transfat, etc. Suddenly, they sound like trans critics, and don’t seem to be able to apply the same thinking that they use to invalidate the trans identities of the new kids on the block -or- the same thinking that they use to validate the position of trans men and trans women. How can they stand in judgement and invalidate someone who professes an earnest feeling that they are disabled even when they are not- if they’re not transabled, how dare they presume to be experts?


  4. hadenough permalink
    February 15, 2013 11:50 pm

    the blog post says that Christian conservatives and other religious bods believe gender is innate. This isn’t necessarily true. Christian conservatives know that people’s sense of gender is malleable. Hence perhaps why many of the stories of people who left the transgender movement and now live accepting their sex of birth are conservative Christians.
    I can’t speak about the other religious groups though.

  5. jdmarsh89 permalink
    July 4, 2014 8:31 pm

    Yeah, best-case-scenario, transgenderism is used as a workaround for persons feeling trapped by the confines of their gender category (and as a consequence, their genitals, which they feel do not reflect their inner “essence”). Worst-case (the majority, IMHO), it is an opportunity for autogynephiles (which are almost exclusively heterosexual males, to my knowledge) to publicly flaunt and validate their sexual masochism by being unmaled and demoted to the lesser sex caste. Almost every trans-positive blog I have ever read features flowery descriptions of the pleasure and happiness derived from the feeling of wearing women’s clothing or other trappings -usually antiquated articles such as belted sanitary pads, garters, corsets, scratchy crinolines, and pantyhose… who honestly wears pantyhose for any occasion other than Easter or a church funeral? As a fully socialized, biological female, I have never been turned on by wearing pantyhose or by any of the mundane aspects of femininity. My first conscious memory of pantyhose is my mother wrestling me into ugly white hose (yuck) as a 3 year old on Easter Sunday. I remember the dress had a crinoline and that the crinoline was very very scratchy and unpleasant to wear. I also remember the lining of the dress was so scratchy and irritated the tender skin on my chest and my nipples that I cried about having to wear it. These men are excited by being taken for and treated as women, that is, treated as “weaker vessels” in such ways as having doors held open for them, parcels carried for them, etc. The difference to me between the average woman’s personal interpretation of femininity and a male-bodied transwoman’s is glaringly obvious. Rarely are biological women’s mannerisms so affected and their accoutrements so contrived and dated. While many women do take the edict of enforced femininity very seriously, most women I know are lax in their capitulation… especially when they reach menopause. All my female friends have femininity “cheats” and shortcuts. Most of them go braless at least when they’re at home. Some do all the time. Some don’t wear any makeup at all except when going out or for special occasions. I think many young women are learning that the world will go on turning if some Ed Hardy-wearing, Family-Guy-watching dude at the bar doesn’t talk to you because you’re not wearing enough makeup or because you don’t wax your pits. To me, the people enforcing what women should look like most emphatically are M2Ts, and when you stand them next to actual women, you see them for what they really are: The 2014 equivalent of a blackface minstrel show.

  6. Nina permalink
    September 29, 2016 4:24 pm

    Trans people say that cis people can’t know what it’s like to have a trans mind because we’re not trans. This is why our viewpoints on transgenderism aren’t valid.

    But trans people also claim that they have the same kind of mind as someone of the opposite birth sex.

    How can they know what it’s like to have the mind of the opposite birth sex, when they’re not the opposite birth sex?

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