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Transgender Trope #4- Denying Gender “Identity” Denies Our Very Existence.

April 12, 2011

Variation: Not affirming my internal “gender identity” is a denial of my humanity.

Please show where anyone claims transsexuality is not a human phenomenon. It is a distinctly human phenomenon. Part of your disorder makes it feel like anyone who won’t play along with your gender fantasies is literally destroying you. But no one is. Only YOU feel “less than human” when your fictional persona is not affirmed. No one else is doing that to you. It’s part of your disorder. No one denies that transgenderist people are people. Complex, human people.

Transgenderism demands validation from others to “exist”. So trans often claim that denial of sexed gender roles (everything women have been fighting against for thousands of years) or disbelief in a  hardwired sense of “internal gender identity” is a denial of their very existence. Much of this is manipulation- a feigned victimhood used to demand obedience to the practice and ideology of  gender against those who protest against it -on the grounds that gender is a system of dominance and submission created to make those born with impregnable female bodies subordinant to those born unable to reproduce, but capable of impregnation. This claim that mental disobedience to gender ideology causes actual injury is both political manipulation by male supremacist genderists and also a reflection of the fragility of the genderist belief system – particularly the trans-genderist whose disbelief in reproductive biology is tenuous and fleeting at best.

A female human who injects herself with synthetic hormones to make her superficial appearance seem “male” is still a human, even if we acknowledge her true sex. A male who does the same or purchases plastic surgical body modifications to appear superficially female is still human when we acknowledge the fact of his physical sex.


Sex-role = Humanity

My gender identity exists only if you affirm it.

Disbelief in gender “identity” is genocidal (ie. You’re killing me by not doing what I tell you tooooo!)

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  1. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel permalink
    June 20, 2011 11:18 am

    … or “gendercidal”
    new word to describe the eradication of gender roles 😛

    If I believe that religion is founded on a nonsensical belief system, and speak out against it, does that suddenly mean that I am denying religious people exist? That is essentially what tranz want us to believe is happening when people refuse to worship “jendah”.

    • Bilbo permalink
      August 24, 2012 10:33 pm

      Believe it or not, some many religious people would say that. Especially someone steeped in modern queer theory, which has developed the terminology to express that idea succinctly, like erasure and identity invalidation. I’ve seen arguments between trans and genderqueer Christians and Wiccans where these tropes were trotted out when one of the participants made a vulgar comment about Christianity.

      An especially ugly bit of this kind of behavior can be found on the blogs of trans people which also claim to be intersex without having the biological basis for doing so. Every once in a while, some one who is actually intersex comes along and makes a comment about the trans community’s appropriation of intersex. Out come the big guns- erasure, invalidate, transphobia, internalized homophobia, transmisogyny, smash the cis-stem, and usually some genuinely misogynistic slurs directed at the intersexed person.

  2. August 25, 2012 7:33 am

    Our identities are a huge part of what makes us human. I pass by hundreds, thousands of people a day. They’re all human, but I don’t truly discover their humanity until I get to know them.

    I’m lucky. All people respect my gender presentation every day. If, somehow, my gender identity comes up, which alludes to the awesome state of my body, they don’t fucking believe me. It never comes up. You can follow me around, acknowledge my sexy sex in public all you want. You might look a tad ridiculous using those pronouns or honorifics, but hey. Unfortunately, I imagine doing this to some people would put them at risk. That’s not what you mean…right? Because it’s how this whole blog comes across. That if someone confided in you that a cute, petite woman was a trans woman (after all…you’re not pantsing her, right?), you’d suddenly change all pronouns and descriptive words in public? You might not feel that transgender people of any type subvert anything, but some people clearly feel threatened to the point of violence or abuse. Are you? Someone was blaming trans people for mass killings of women in general? That was a bad dream?

    Forced sexed gender roles suck. However, if truly you want to follow traditional gender roles…good for you. It’s your life. It’s no more shameful to be a house wife than it is to be a stay at home dad. But people are just cruel. People talking shit about a woman who (according to them) wears “men’s” clothes. A co-worker suddenly mentioning how disgusting he finds men in “women’s” clothes. People making people feel ashamed, just for being who they are, liking what they like, working where they work, not having enough, having too much. Can’t win. Hold on to who you are, what you believe, and give naysayers a bird. Or two. I’m doing it to you. Because it rhymes. Do it back to me!

    Whenever I can, I like to make people think about gender…not shove it down, just bring it up if something comes up. Hm. Okay. Well, this is how I feel about that. Well…some people might do that, but others do this. Really? Interesting. It doesn’t bother me at all. Really? I actually think it’s cool.

    One day, it won’t be a big deal. I’m wishing really hard, at any rate. And men and women will still exist…of all kinds. And so will the people who take both sides and blend them together with a paint brush.

    • September 12, 2012 10:44 am

      No one can take a brush and erase females as you suggest, or blur us. We are female. You are male. Sex is immutable and unchangeable.

    • Bilbo permalink
      September 12, 2012 12:29 pm

      Most females wear what you call ‘”men’s” clothes.’ Does that make them all trans men, or just non-binary genderqueer warriors? Take a walk around a college campus and you might be surprised to see how few dresses, blouses and skirts can be found.

      As an aside, the centrality of being just so darned hot and sexy in the M2T narrative kind of makes the radfem point for them.

      At this point, I’m fine using a preferred pronoun, but seeing as sex =/= gender, she/he is not equivalent to female/male.

  3. May 1, 2013 8:59 pm

    some trans people don’t have the mental stability to just accept that people won’t view them as how they want to be viewed. among the dysphoria, a lot of trans people have a host of other mental problems that cause them to use this trope.

    to the transwomen: just accept that if you’re a trans-woman, you’re a transwoman. not a woman, a transwoman. people will somtimes view you as a transwoman, sometimes a woman, sometimes a man. deal with it. you can shorten it to woman for convenience if it helps speed things up but don’t ignore that you’re trans. it’s part of who you are.

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